• Tweet using our hashtags : $ALLIN / #ALLIN / @allinbsc
  • Search in google : “ALLIN TOKEN”, “ALLIN BSC”,
  • Add pinch emoji to Yours nicknmaes at Telegram / Twitter etc.
  • Vote as “Good” via Coingecko page (soon)
  • Search “ALLin” via Coinmarketcap.com (soon)

Win valuable prizes in our competitions. Here is the first one.
Prepare a meme for our ALLin project. (Below you will find useful logo graphics)
In addition to the meme, we are counting on interesting graphics that come to your mind about our project — these can be visualizations of our currency / project.



Send/publish graphics till 12.07.2021

Where to post your artwork? On our social media, preferably on twitter: https://twitter.com/allinbsc in the post about the competition:


RESULTS: 07/14/2021

download png logo square 500px

ALLIn - team

Official ALLin Medium Profile — associated with allin.money

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