ALLin Start

ALLIn - team
1 min readJul 4, 2021


First Airdrop Program Is Running. (10,000 USD) size of rewards in $ALLIN.

Follow the form.

Rewards will be paid to users which fill the quests list till 30 days after PanCakeSwap listing.

150,000,000,000 of total amount for this airdrop is reserved.

25,000,000 for each quest into the form list.

for more info check our announcement channel via telegram

ALLin is intended for people who want to invest small funds but get maximum profits. It is a coin that will create its unique content in the world of social media. We focus on entertainment through lotteries and competitions, but also video and live streams! Explore our NFT collections and clothing! ALLIN OR NOTHING IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE LIFESTYLE + a unique opportunity to obtain maximum profits. ALLin is a BSC code based project that does not include any additional fees and supports the privacy and encryption of your transactions very much.